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Professional Photographer in Hong Kong

A bit of history...

Arriving in Hong Kong in 1987 I soon fell into the business of photography, with the Hong Kong style of unquestioning generosity and help from other photographers. I found that photographing factories full of toilets, electronic gizmos and fast cars in unairconditioned studios in mid summer, was a good way to earn a crust (but I prefer people).  So diamonds and office interiors followed with some tennis and squash thrown in for the sporting element. I got a big break with a product shoot but I hankered after the dance and mountain biking I'd been doing in the UK. Family portraits allowed me to meet great people & to get out and enjoy the wonderful diversity of Hong Kong finding some of the incredible environment we are blessed with. A spot of theatre work for a few years was good fun and always a challenge. Weddings just happened and carried on for a few years until the "style studios" of Kowloon Tong blossomed. So many clients became great friends. Time to move on. I seemed to be on the school circuit doing production line images of children of all ages-newborn to graduates. The amazing aspect for me is to work with subjects and get them to relax enough to go beyond the image they think the world likes to see. I've been lucky enough to photograph many captains of industry, top sports players, the rich, famous and the aspiring greats from the rugby field to the boardroom, mountain summits to dank alleys. Helicopter rides whilst fun, provide challenges as the air over Hong Kong is not the best, but when it's clear it is utterly fabulous. I now do fashion work for a superb local company with the best maternity wear. I also do product lines for catalogues. I contribute to books, magazines, and provide images for websites. Travels to the incredible diversity of Asia has given me a glimpse of life and landscapes of astounding beauty and ferocity.


I have decided to give up paying landlords exorbitant rents and now am increasingly on the road and happy to visit you at your location.  I also set up my studio in the NewTerritories (  All of Hong Kong is my oyster but I'm happy to travel anywhere.


We remain a small outfit. What you get is a combination of care, personal service, many years of experience in diverse areas and a durable product we hope you will be pleased with.  I have a desire to provide the best but not charge the most. If you want to spend a lot, I can happily help you do that, but it's not my prime motivation. I look forward to answering questions by phone or email and making an appointment either at my studio or any location you choose.





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